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Ruth’s Saturday on the Beach

Date: Saturday, 8 May 2021

River: Goat’s Beach.

Water level: 0.8–1.4m forecast + some bigger sets.

Participants: 6.

With sub 1 m waves at nut grove the gang decide to move our expedition to goats beach. A great choice for the team.

With no car shuffle needed and a only quick mixup on the ‘get in’ we were off to a pretty great start. With sunny sky’s and the waves coming in fairly well spaced sets our confidence grew.

Rafts pumped and we hit the water! Flipping about for a while getting nice and salty before one boat caught it’s first full wave! What a sight, they glided into shore with cheers and shouts from both rafts.

The self proclaimed ‘Cool Josh’ practiced both his diving out of boats, walking through both air and on the water, and R1ing without a paddle, slowly drifting out to sea beyond the ears and eyes of the rest of the team.

With a peppering of lovely waves throughout the day and some spectacular flips, we all got the hang of it together. Definitely a big win for surf rafting.

To finish the day, Ruth and Talia both braved the cold for a wetsuit less swim, with the rest opted to keep the wetsuits on and rinse off warmly in the surf.

The way home contained an essential hot chip stop, all with chicken salt of course.

Janina volunteered her car to sand with much thanks from everyone.

Smiles, sand, two angels, and no injuries – what a day.

– Ruth

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