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Frankland River - G2 - 3 days

Jan 2005 saw 8 of us raft down the Frankland (from the same get in) to Arthur River after the planned Andrew River trip fell through. The river was low river and very pretty and there are G2 rapids down the entire length, with a few G3 and some portages thrown in.

Campsites are hard to find, but we found one a river level for the first night (a rock beach at the first log jam portage). There may be higher ones at the "Mini-Crankle" further down, which is fairly flat.

There is a big and long log jam/forest where the Arthur and Frankland meet which could casue problems with more water. Camp at the Ferry Stop at the confluence and hitch a ride out (if your luckly - arrange before organising trip) at $10 head. Can paddle the flat 15km if you want, but not with a head wind.

Brilliant river. Well worth another trip.

Magical Dave

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