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Shed Confusion, Shared Confusion

A float on the Huon quickly turned into a lil adventure on the Weld with 5 packrafters, one kayak and one R2 in an angel. It was relaxing sunny weather, and a lovely day out! 

Starting the day a tired Ruth mulled around at the sheds, before the true trip leader (josh arrived) and gave out some instructions. With a lack of Towballs present we opted to test out the boot capacity of Joshes new car. This proved to be a perfect size for our mission! We were ready to go-go. Heading to banjos we snacked up and headed on!

Cars shuffled, Safety Briefed and all excited we got onto river. The day started with some handy tips from ben and Josh to get us familarised with our packrafts before heading on down the Weld!

Due to the low level all the packrafts decided to portage the first steep rapid, as the drop was a lil nasty and pushed josh very deep. There is a moderate log spanning the river on the continuance of this rapid, but we were able to run the chute below this portaging around the log. More experienced members had a lot of fun here with a tricky entrance! Still plenty of water to get the angel down this. 

We continued down the river, enjoying this level for some lovey grade 2 rapids. Everything else was runnable, and we were able to enjoy a nice float on the Huon with a tailwind! Both rivers were flowing well enough after some rain that week to enjoy just floating and relaxing while taking in the scenery and getting to know each other as well as discussing our works security measures and how everyones Saturdays nights were.

At the get out, I opted for a cold water plunge in just my bathers in a very fresh Huon! Nat joined me in her wettie. We both loved it and Luckily it was nice and sunny to warm up afterwards. 



AWARD nominations:

Less than thoughtful: Ruth for Insisting that she needed a cold swim, while being needed for the car shuttle and then complaining that they could have done with 

Participants: 8 

Level: 0.85 on the Huon at Harrisons opening

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