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Three poems for intro trips

Picton Intro trip!

There once was a trip down the picken

We had buckets of rain, josh was sicken 

Had lots fun 

Despite the rain there was sun 

The barbecue commenced real quicken 

A haiku - intro trip two

Josh loves the Derwent 

The weather was damn bloody hot 

The flow was real slow 

Aausages were ate 

Punters transformed into mate

Middle intro done! 

Acrostic intro trip 3!

Day break called as we reached the sheds 

Everyone assembled,

Rivers were calling, though only the Derwent

Willows lined the bank 

Energetic punters filled the boats 

Nitrates filled our throats 

Turbulent rapids we chased, attacking the river with haste 

Ruthless wrestling insurd with Tony crowned the forever victor (no one in his weight class) 

Inching towards the end we enjoyed floating and conversation

Vertical spinning and flipping of rafts 

Equally well did we clean and pack away the gear 

River Derwent in the sun, may we please enjoy your fun! 

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