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A fresh quick Weld

Date: Sunday, 8 August 2021

River: Weld river.

Water level: 1.5 at Tahune (Picton).

Participants: 9.

We met at the sheds at 8 am for a beginner friendly step up river - the Weld was calling. The morning was very cold but promised a beautiful sunny day to come, but the morning fog was a beautiful sight of its own. With our traditional quick stop at banjos thb hot choc fuelled team got on the road.

At the get in we pumped our two blue sotars, and got changed leaving the car shuffle to be done. Peggy did a safety briefing and the car shuffle was completed with non drivers lazing in the winter sun on a raft.

We got on river at about 11 am, yours truely guiding one boat and Peggy the other with two kayakers playing along side. The river was flowing quickly with only the top layer of rocks visible at the get in and Tahune at 1.5m.

We punched through the first section, Nik very kindly complimenting my lines, in about 40 minutes, meeting the Huon fairly quickly. At this level the river was fun, fairly simple and not too much paddling needed to be done. With only the two boats and kayakers, the Weld was easy running and a fun morning.

Just before getting to the Huon, Garnos lack of locking in became apparent when on small play waves and his boat being enthusiastic on getting the boat to rock he was tipped into the water for our first swimmer of the day. While he “didn’t spend long enough in there to get a good gauge” his face did illustrate to the rest of us the water was certainly cold.

Next on the swim list was Nik who just as we entered the Huon threw his paddle into the water the gauge the depth, it returned just out of reach. In his efforts to regain his paddle he straddled pontoon before not so gracefully sliding into the water and very quickly launching himself back into the boat again. With dry shoulders but cold hands he placed himself in the front of the boat leaving Tadgh and I to R2.

Janina joined our boat shortly after and the two sat themselves inbetween the front of the boat and the thwart. How romantic.

Sneaking up beside our boat, Grano grabbed Tadghs PFD attempting to pull him in. With Tadgh responing almost instantly with a well drawn out “please don’t!” His wishes were respected and Nik pulled him back into the boat.

For the rest of the river we gently eased down the Huon, eating chocolate and chatting leasurely. We were off river with the car shuffle done and everyone in dry gear by 12:45. We got on the road and drove back in beautiful sunshine.

We packed up pretty quickly, having rolled all the rafts in the morning and neatly put everything away. The sheds, all keen to catch the beautiful winter afternoon sun. While putting the hose away Granos head came into contact with the rapid recall on the nozzle. Ouchy :((

All in all, both guides were ratedly high and all of us happy with our lovely little run.


Ruth :)))

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