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Bradys under blue skies

Date: Saturday, 22 May 2021

River: Bradys Slalom Course.

Water level: 19 Cumecs.

Participants: 13.

The day started a half hour early with most of the gang getting to the shed and efficiently packing gear, excitedly chatting about the day ahead. Josh rocked up what we initially thought was his grandmother’s car but we later found out it was his new car. Congratulations Josh, what a vehicle! Next on the slow gang, was a rather groggy Mr President, swigging down panadol, as he informed the group he would no longer be staying the night.

Ben drove tentatively with his new radiator, regularly checking the lovely plastic fumes coming into car. We witnessed an x-trail make various rude gestures a towards one particular vehicle on the road.

We then got to Brady’s, it was a beautiful day, sun was shining, Janina you really missed out. The water was cool, and bracing to the face; but no one felt the chill throughout the day. We raced to pump the rafts, with Ben’s strength not enough to beat the rest of the team.

With two rafts inflated we ran a tad overloaded warm up run down Mellifont street before decided that teams of 5 per run was probably a safer bet. The second warm up saw Josh guide it almost flawlessly with his crew smiling from ear to ear and excited to run the cruncher.

This is when a wild Micheal appeared showing off his new van with two inch lift and a banging stereo system that would come into play around the fire that night.

Alice had a little swim, got to safety, and was standing on the bank when Luke directed her to walk down to the bridge and meet out the get out. Instead she voted to attempt the swim across the rather strong current, unsurprisingly she was unsuccessful. Being swept rather quickly down Mellifont street, she bruised her butt, ankle, and hips but by the end of her run had fully adopted the safety briefing advice of a very flat white water swimming position. Well done Alice, never heard you swear so much as when we rescued you from you self-inflicted ill-advised swim.

With the sensible rafting done at ten laps, and the fore-warning from Luke that it was probably a good time to stop for the day, a giggly crew self titled, the dream team, decided it was time for a full flip and swim. And what a swim they had. Talia, being on the back right and locked in for dear life, aggressively ignored Ben’s call of high side and flipped the raft sending the crew down the river with pace. With some crew back in the rerighted raft, Ruth rescued Ben’s abandoned paddle, and walked back to the get out. The motley crew was met with an action replay of their flip and all round disbelief at what Talia had done.

Luke and Ben decided to R1 down, both executed the cruncher taking interesting angled approaches. Luke’s exit off Mellifont street, however, was less than graceful. With kayakers and a few others watching he slowly floated out into the lake, having primitively jumped out ready to drag the raft into the shore, not realising it was too deep to stand. Then he attempted to re-enter the rafting, failing as his diet of lollies became self evident. With more spectators appearing he re-entered the boat and attempted to paddle it back to shore, catching both the wind and the current. Josh then bravely swam 45 meters out to assist in the paddle. Luke was returned to shore, physically fine but his ego never to recover, much like his car suspension from the Mersey trip. Thanks Josh for rescuing the president.

Then we had two rafts do lovely R2s with a keen Micheal and Ruth on the back of each raft to balance out the weight. Great runs, very fun.

To finish the day, Luke and Ben gave a lot of thought as to if they should swim the cruncher. The ever sensible Ruth stepped in to save the day through by convincing them to finish the day with all bones intact and no helicopters on the way.

With everyone changed and the trailer packed the crew all cracked tinnies, fighting over the solos. We then spilt the group, with some electing for straight home, some to stay for dinner, and some to camp. Those of us staying made out way to the campsite, got a start on the campfire and wood collection.

An early dinner, Ruth took control, setting up the bbq, leaving Ben passed out in a stolen campchair after his half cider. With a crack team of helpers, Ruth manned the bbq, cooking her veggie patties, eggplant rounds and onions for the burgers. Surprising expectations Ruth’s burgers were very tasty and hearty, with everyone going back for seconds. Thanks to the gang for staying for dinner, lovely chats and a few drinks around the fire; with those leaving us that night heading off after some lovely star identification.

Luke drove back to the sheds, taking with him the trailer as Ben’s car had been elected not preferred for the tow home. Thanks very much, this was a good call given the next days events.

The next morning started with Ruth’s sunrise watching and a group swim. Bracing, but was fine, once you got numb. The fire relit, and everyone warm, the comfort of various sleeping arrangements discussed, we got into breakfast. Pancakes on bbq with various cheese toasties, tinned peach’s, Ben’s instant coffee (don’t tell Annabelle) and Andrew’s very cool self-heating ready meal we packed up gear and made a plan for the day.

Another beautiful sunny day, and the water still pumping here at Brady’s, we considered calling Luke and demanding the return of the rafts before deciding a bushwalk was a better bet. Andrew left for Hobart testing his 4wd abilities on the way. This left Ben, Micheal, Talia, and Ruth headed for Mount Field.

After much faffing, a violent snowball fight, Ben’s confusing car troubles, a top heavy van wobbling it’s way around corners, and a run in with our bio lecturer all made for a lovely relaxed pace to get back to finish the pack up at the sheds. the remaining four finally arrived back at the sheds around 4 pm.

We washed all the wetsuits, rafts, pfds, and got everything packed away before dark – honestly, impressive for the team we had.

Overall it was a lovely weekend, thank you very much to Luke for organising it, hopeful this accurately reflects the true events of the day.


Ben, Ruth, Talia and the little Micheal.

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