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Derwent Intro Trip with enough onions to feed all of Tassie

Date: Sunday, 2 August 2020

River: Derwent River.

Water level: 0.5 (New Norfolk).

Participants: 27.

The second Intro trip for the season was a good success with lots of fun and great people. We had a good turnout with around 25–30 people and many first time rafters.

The team met at the sheds at 0800, loaded the gear and were on our way by 0900. Continued the TUWWRC tradition of having Banjo’s goodies on the way and then lining up cars to reach the Derwent River entry point.

The river was cruisy with few grade 2 rapids. The rafters had their fun in the middle while the water was steady with Peggy’s crew having fights among themselves to throw each other off the raft. Seeing the opportunity of a divided crew, Hunain made his leap of faith from his raft to Peggy’s raft in an attempt to take down some people but failed miserably being outnumbered by the united crew. Wrestling as a one man army with 5 rafters led his fate on the water with his own crew abandoning him.

The team had a lunch break at the half-way point with chocolates and Alethea's peanuts and few joyful souls swam around the small waterfall. Janina and Nik made the most of the waterfall and went in and out of it even when the water was cold.

The team ended the course with the last rapid after picket lines. As usual, the team couldn’t get enough of the water and experienced the last rapid multiple times using the ferry gliding technique. And some brave souls came down the rapid by themselves without a raft.

The team ended the trip with BBQ of sausages, veggie patties and enough onions to feed all of tasmania.

by Harry Hunain Anees

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