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Esperence, G2/3+, 8km, 3hr

Starts with a few km of G2 rapids, which turn into G3 rapids about half way down, with a couple of nice long ones. Flattens out again near the end. The get out is at the bridge on the highway just past Dover, with the get in on the first bridge on Esperence Rd. A good water level is when half of the rock shelf is covered at the get in (or at about 1.5-2m at Tahune as an indicator). The level of difficulty increases with water height.

After 31mm (65mm) of rain at Hastings Chalet and 10mm (40mm) at Maatsuker Is in the 24hr to 9am on Sunday October 20, 2002 (7 days to 20-10-02).

The river has now been done by the club over half a dozen times at a variety of levels, Dave Butler is the man to talk to for river notes...

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