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Little Henty

Tuesday 1st October 2002

Water Level: Almost up to the 3rd Marker (out of 6)

Grade: 3-4, Time: 7-8 hours, River Booty: 2 paddles

The first section (~4km) winds through typical west coast rainforest past a splendid Rock Island. Mainly Grade 2-3 rapids with some drops and rock dodging. The river then enters a George. This is a fairly continuous chute around 500m (Grade 3-4) with lots of rock dodging. At the end of this section the river separates, the left hand section leads to a grade 5 rapid (Flan’s Folly) – we portaged this on the right. The portage is fairly easy, encompassing rock hopping down the river dragging the boats. The last rapid is a slightly trick grade 4 drop (2-3m) involving dodging logs and undercut rocks. The rest of the river is small grade 1-2 rapids flowing through a steep sided river valley out to the ocean.

The Little Henty would have to be one of the most beautiful rivers in Tassie. It was truly stunning coming around the bend out of Rainforest to see the magnificent white sand of Ocean Beach and the power of West Coast waves. This river has a little bit of everything – remoteness, beauty and fairly continuous fun rapids.

Reference: 'Hang On!! 25'

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