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Mid week Weld Trip

Updated: Apr 20, 2023

Date: Saturday, 7 September 2019

Rivers: Weld river, Huon river.

Water level: 0.68 at Tahune, 0.9 at Judbury.

Participants: 6.

We met at the sheds and discussed options for the day, as we weren’t sure about the water levels. When I last checked in the morning, Tahune Bridge was at 0.57. As all of us were keen on rafting, we decided to risk it and go for the Weld with Huon as a backup.

Arriving at the broken bridge, we met a group of college kids that were rafting the Weld as well. A good sign for water levels, we hoped.

We got on the water rather quickly and had a great run. The water levels worked out just perfect. Michel and I agreed, that at this level the Weld was even a little better than at the higher level we ran it last time (a few more obstacles to negotiate).

Soon after the first few rapids, Nik and I learned just how quickly an Angel is halfway under water, but also how quickly it is tipped back by leaning over – we didn’t go swimming just yet!

As usual, the Weld was over way too soon and as we hit the Huon it was time for some swimming. By the time Nik and I turned around, Violet was already out of her raft, others soon followed. We all spent significant time in the water, just to warm up in the sun later. We finished off our snacks on river before we reached the bridge and get out.

While Violet and I were doing the car shuffle, the men decided we should finish the day with a nice barbecue in Huonville.

After we enjoyed our BBQ, we went back to the sheds. Some of us have enjoyed getting wet so much, that they had a full-on shower at the tap…

Okay – I’m sure it wasn’t voluntary. The tap didn’t cope with the pressure and adapter of the new hose well…

All in all, it was a great day out – and other than expected, it wasn’t scratchy at all.

Thanks everyone!


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